Wellness Chef

Andy Muto

My name is Andy (Andrew) Muto and I have had a career in food for over 35 years. However, it has been my life experience as a caregiver that has spawned the desire to assist and support people from every walk of life enjoy decent wellness through Fresh Natural Food Offerings & Smart Eating Education.
My personal education in Food began in the mid 70’s in downtown Toronto at various food establishments. It was during the ‘80’s at the best Patisserie to the Italian Community, La Sem Patisserie where I learned about culture & superior quality of food.  

My understanding of how food affects the human body brought me to Natures Emporium where I was Food Director for 8 years. Here I began to demonstrate to our clients how healthy food options from diverse cultural backgrounds can have an impact on our holistic health. 

In the Spring of 2013 I ventured away from retail and expanded my teaching career across various communities in order to educate people from all across the GTADowntown, Scarborough, Aurora, Vaughan & Etobicoke, doing so through Intimate & Interactive Food Demonstrations.

In April of 2016, I was pleased to open a Wellness Café,  Umanii at Vaughan City Hall and have enjoyed success through our offering to the City staff and visitors genuinely good food – just as our families made it years ago. 

We take pride in supporting other wellness establishments in York Region and use when possible locally or Canadian grown foods.

As Wellness Chef to professional athletic mentor Gary Roberts at his high performance program, I wholeheartedly support Garys ethos to “refuel” the body with good nutritious food. 

“It’s great to see how professional athletes like Connor McDavid, Mark Scheifle, Steven Stamkos, Mike Smith & Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel all respond to the pre and post workout meals we present each day. Keeping food ideas simple, familiar and tasty has been another vital component to helping our athletes fuel and recover with excellent success!” The results are pretty obvious!!!

This ethos is also true for the work I do with NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers, the Canadian Olympic Basketball Team, Adidas Marathon Runners, Kids in Minor Sports & those involved in an Active Lifestyle.

I also assist Adidas & Nike in community sponsored events to educate Community teams, kids and schools in need. It’s called giving back…Because it’s not just quality of food, but quality of time given and shared with people we love and yes, even those in need. 

I still offer myself to assist friends and strangers whenever I am asked – be it through free store tours at local Health Food stores, recipes or other pertinent information to arm them to take their wellness into their own hands

Yes, my experience over the years helps me maintain my passion focused on a purpose – to help people learn how to choose and prepare healthy foods that are simple and enjoyable. It’s not about extremes or outlandish diets – it’s about simplicity & balance.

Good Health to You!!

Keeping food ideas simple, familiar and tasty has been another vital component to helping our athletes fuel and recover with excellent success!
The results are pretty obvious!!!