Our Mission is “Great Food Made Simple”

Great  We don’t let fancy, exotic or fanatical ideals dictate the food we serve to our clients. Few ingredients, plenty of love and interest in what’s important – flavour and health

Food All our food items are made by hand, fashioned and created by passionate minds with a focus on your well being

Made Not just Mediterranean inspired foods, but other Cultures like Eurasian, Asian, Ontario Goodness and much of what our Country brings to our table in it’s beautiful yield!

Simple The Spotlight, The Praise is the wonderful Natural, Organic, Chemical & Medication Free Produce that we use in all our foods. Ontario Farms are first, then Canada, then the rest of the Globe to bring nothing but the best, the healthiest in Foods!

Our Promise

Quinoa & Kale are fantastic but not the only foods on the planet that contribute to our wellness. In fact the variety of Produce, Grains, Legumes, Nuts & Seeds available on the planet, makes it clear that the spectrum of foods for nourishing our body is mind boggling!! We try to bring much of the goodness from the earth to our table so that we can offer them to you.

The recipes are simple, the items, genuine; we use as much natural and unaltered food as we can – without being outlandish, faddish or complicated.

Natures is straightforward with it’s offerings....we try to do likewise!

At create healthy food We know you will enjoy these Foods that inspire our bodies to health -full of bursting flavor, so pleasant to the palate and of course, rich in nutrition! If you have any food allergies, sensitivities or diet preference - please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Good Health to You!