At present I teach the Smart Eating Cooking course – which was the theme of the last Vaughan Program Guide – at Al Paladini. Each class fills up quickly because students are taught practical reasonable principles to inspire them to look closer at how and what they eat, what they purchase and how to make sure they are getting the best for their health and their money.

In April of last year, we opened Umanii at Vaughan City Hall and have enjoyed success through offering to the staff and visitors genuinely good food – just as our families made it years ago. We take pride in supporting other wellness establishments in Vaughan and use when possible locally or Canadian grown foods.

We have also in recent months offered Lunch & Learns to the staff and it has been so well received.

The greatest achievement for me as a wellness chef is to have people enjoy the food we prepare at Umanii.  Several customers have recently returned to inform me that our food has been a key component to their, weight loss, their eating better and feeling better. Our Professional athletes also send grateful messages for the foods that have fueled them proportionately...leaving a feeling of lightness and satisfaction after a hard work out or strenuous game. Especially am I please to have moms and dads report that their kids enjoyed what they never thought they would...That’s really a crown of glory to me – to help people from all walks of life. 

As an educator, watching people’s eyes light up when they learn a simple truth or basic fact about the foods they eat brings me great satisfaction.  To see people putting into practise and benefitting themselves and their family, means even’s inspiring people and empowering them to Eat Smart...So true it is of the lasting benefits that come to those who know “how to Fish for Themselves and Eat for Life”...

....that’s what this award shed light on what is being done on so many fronts and inspire more in the community to Live, Look & Feel their Best!

Good Health To You!!!!